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Logo & Notion Website Designer

I specialize in hand-drawn vintage-style logos and custom websites.

Inspire. Develop. Launch


3-Step Process!

STEP ONE: In the concept phase, I brainstorm logo ideas based on the given information. I draw them on paper, then transfer them to my iPad and redraw them using Procreate.

STEP TWO: Once the initial concept is approved I will begin vectorizing with full-color high resolution. Even during this phase, I’ll work with you until we have a 100% satisfied logo for you.

STEP THREE: Once you have approved the full-color vectorized design, I will gather all files for the project, which include “print ready” files and AI, JPEG, and PNG. So that way you can get anything printed.


Files Files Files


You will receive your final logo files in AI, JPEG, and PNG Some designers only provide JPG and or PNG which are not vector file types. Unlike those designers, I provide you with full vector files that allow you to resize your logo to any height and or width without a loss in quality.

All Done By Hand

Yes! Every logo I design for my clients is always 100% unique and custom. Every project starts off with a sketch concept first. Once the client approves the sketch, I then start the process of converting the sketch into their actual logo.

100% Customer Satisfaction

Since the start of my design career, I've always put my clients first making sure they are happy to work since the beginning of my design career.

Let’s Build Your Logo!

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